Shadow Camelot Del Morte

Camelot Del Morte is a shadow analogue of Corwin’s Avallon but with the technology up-lifted to the modern day (and even beyond – in the field of personal battle armour and weaponry).
The Knights of the Round Table wear high-tech battle armour but warfare is conducted in the form of limited Knight vs Knight combat.

After King Arthur’s death, Guinevere and the Knights had their armour infected by a techno-organic virus. They are now possessed by an AI running their suits and with filaments controlling their own brains.

Merlin found this place while searching for a sophisticated Artificial Intelligence (clearly influenced by his father’s Avallon). He has become a friend and confidante of Prince Mordred who is still trying to officially claim his father’s throne and fight off the assaults of the Round Tablers.

Mordred’s supporters know him as a peculiar kind of tech support chap who can get hold of unusual spare parts.

Shadow Camelot Del Morte

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