For more years than I’d like to admit, I’ve wanted to play adventures in a world based on the Amber books of Roger Zelazny. The idea of characters who can walk between worlds, imagining (or discovering) the worlds they desire, has always intrigued me.

I see it as an opportunity for a level of collaboration and joint story-telling beyond any other setting.

As a long-time DM, I love the idea of asking a player – “So where is your character when this adventure starts?” and being told… "On the world of Trokis, watching a chariot race in the Grand Arena. A setting similar to the ancient Roman Empire, but peopled by lizard-men. I once saved the life of the Empress and am her guest. ". A moment ago, the world of Trokis didn’t exist, but now it has become one of the myriad Shadow Worlds in the rich tapestry of Amber.

Check out the Wiki for details of Character Creation and the Powers and stunts available.

I’ve toyed with all sorts of rules for this setting but most recently decided to try FATE Accelerated Edition. (FAE)

For some reason, Amber Diceless Role Playing Game (ADRPG) has never appealed to me (or at least not to enough of my friends for us to try it). I don’t want too many rules but I want at least some sort of “system” and Fate Accelerated Edition looks like it will do the job.

Princes of Amber