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To use any of the Logrus powers, the character needs the “Blood of Chaos” and then needs to have successfully “Walked the Logrus”.

Logrus:Logrus Tendrils
After “Walking the Logrus” the character gets the first Logrus Power “Logrus Tendrils”. This allows the character to summon one or two thin tendrils of mist that can be up to 20 feet long. These tendrils can either have a sensory organ (eye, ear, tongue, feeler) at the end or can be used to manipulate objects as well as a hand.

After gaining the first Logrus Ability, you can learn the following Stunts in any order. Each new Stunt costs one point of refresh. …

Logrus:Logrus Shadow Tendrils
Shadow Tendrils can extend out into shadow to retrieve common objects from nearby parallel worlds. The more uncommon the object, the more chance of failing and the longer it will take. the objects are actually stolen from the other world, but it is unlikely you will ever run into your unfortunate shadow-dwelling victims.

Logrus:Shadow Walk
This is the ability to walk between worlds by making small adjustments to reality as you move. It is almost the same as Pattern:Shadow Walk but will not work in shadows that are very close to Amber.

Logrus:Hell Ride.
If you already have Logrus:Shadow Walk you can choose the Stunt “Logrus:Hell Ride” This allows the character to make very rapid changes to reality while moving quickly. This almost always leads into dangerous and unstable conditions but can cut the travel times between Shadows to hours instead of days. It is almost the same as Pattern:Hell Ride but will not work in shadows that are very close to Amber.

Logrus:Logrus Tendril Armour
By wrapping the tendrils around you, they form a Heavy Armour.

Logrus:Logrus Tendril Strength
Your tendrils gain +2 to any strength-related activity. You can choose this Stunt again to gain “Very” strong tendrils, gaining +1 per “Very”.

Logrus:Logrus Extra Tendril
You learn to extrude an additional tendril. You can choose this Stunt again. Each extra Tendril can add +1 to any tendril-related task and/or can hold an additional sensory organ, or can extend an existing tendril a further 20 feet.

Logrus:Logrus Defence
By holding an image of the Logrus in your mind, you get a +2 bonus to Defence when being Careful. This bonus goes to +4 against any attack based on Pattern.

This grants the ability to “hang” spells into a mental image of the Logrus so that they will work in a different Shadow. Without the ability to “hang” spells on either the Pattern or on the Logrus, you have to spend about an hour per spell level in preparation time in the specific Shadow.


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