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“Trumps” is the name given to magically-imbued artwork (usually Tarot cards) that have such a strong bond to their subject matter that they can be used for mental communication and even teleportation.

Anyone can attempt to use a Trump to get in touch with its subject but for most people, it would take an hour of trying to get a glimmer of contact.

Trump Use
If you have the Stunt “Trump Use”, you can usually make contact in a minute or two. Maintaining contact for more than a few minutes can be taxing (causing 1 stress damage).

Trump Teleport
If you have “Trump Use” you can choose to gain this Stunt. After 1 minute of communication you can turn the mental connection into a full-size doorway and step through. Depending how far away the target is is the difficulty and how damaging this is. Distance is measured in terms of Shadows and Shadow Axioms, physical distance in the same Shadow is irrelevant. It will always cost at least 1 point of stress. You can take other people with you if they are in contact but this makes it slightly more difficult (+1 for 2 people, +2 for 10 people, +3 for 50 people and +4 for 250 people.

Trump Sketch
If you have “Trump Use” you can choose to gain this Stunt. With the right art supplies, a one-time Trump can be produced in about an hour. Just using such a Trump Sketch to reach a contact is taxing and not guaranteed. Using one to Trump Teleport is even more risky and can send you to the wrong place or even trap you in the painting!

Trump Artist
If you have already mastered “Trump Sketch”, this Stunt lets you create proper Trumps. It can take a day or two and the proper art supplies. It has to be done from a live model. If it is a living creature, the paint has to be mixed with the target’s blood..


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