The campaign starts 5 Amber years after the events of the Patternfall (the end of the novel, “The Courts of Chaos”). Because the flow of time varies across Shadows, in other places up to 20 years may have passed.

Oberon’s re-writing of the Pattern (and his death), plus the creation of Corwin’s “Rose” Pattern, have caused massive disruptions of the Shadow Worlds.
Shadow Storms have raged, picking things up (objects, beasts, creatures and even some entire locations) and scattering them throughout nearby Shadows.

All Years are given in Amber Time, before and after the Paternfall.

-50 PF : The Primal Pattern is damaged, Dworkin driven mad and imprisoned by Oberon, the Black Road is created. Shadow Storms become more frequent. Monsters become more common across all Shadows.

-20 PF : King Oberon vanishes

-15 PF: [Campaign] Kristofe walks the Pattern

-10 PF : Eric becomes “Regent” of Amber

-7 PF : The Corwin Chronicles begin with Prince Corwin regaining his memory in Shadow Earth

-5 PF : Eric crowns himself King of Amber. Corwin is blinded and imprisoned, his Blood Curse strengthens the Black Road

-4 PF : [Campaign] King Eric banishes Kristofe for treason. Royal decree states he shall be exiled for 20 years, receiving no aid from any of the family.

-2 PF : [Campaign] In the Shadow “ORLEANS”, the Confederacy uses its zombie armies to overthrow the Union. Edward Kane becomes an outlaw, hunted by the Texas Rangers.

-1 PF : [Campaign] Caine brings Edward to Amber to walk the Pattern and is pleasantly surprised to find the boy survives.

PATTERNFALL : Shadow Storms and other disruptions of shadow. The Black Road is broken. The Great Houses of Chaos make a truce with Amber.

PF +1 : Random is crowned King of Amber.
PF +1 : [Campaign] In the high tech Shadow “Camelot Del Morte” – King Arthur is killed. Guinevere and the Knights are possessed by a techno-organic virus in their battle armour.

PF +2 : [Campaign] Caine calls on Edward & Kristofe for aid.

PF +4 : [Campaign] Merlin becomes interested in the Shadow “Camelot Del Morte”, helping Prince Mordred defend the stricken realm from the evil Knights.

PF +5 : [Campaign] Kristofe and Merlin become mixed-up with Talia and the drug called Bliss.


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